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  • Joan Yarfitz

Maximize Your Property’s First Impression

Most Buyers Make their Decision to Purchase on First Sight


Prospective Buyers React Positively when a Property has been Well-Maintained:

• Manicure Landscaping, Mow Grass, Trim Trees, Add Flowers • Keep Driveway Clean and Free of Parked Cars; Keep Garage Door Closed • Repair or Replace Damaged Roof Shingles and Tiles • Minimize Cracked or Crumbling Driveways, Walls, Fences and Steps • Remove Unsightly Garbage Cans and Debris • Repair Peeling Paint and Window Caulking • Clean all Windows • Eliminate insect and rodent problems • Pick up after Pets


A Buyer’s Anticipation is Building:

• Apply Fresh Paint to Front Door and Frame • Add Flowering plants around entrance • Eliminate debris & put out “Welcome” mat • Make sure Light Bulbs are working


Once Inside, Most Buyers are Reaffirming their Curbside Decision:

• Keep Interior Clean and Clutter-Free • Store Excess Furniture, Books and Accessories • Keep Closets and Cabinets Neat • Repaint Rooms with Fresh, Lightly Colored, Neutral Paint • Repair Plumbing Leaks and Recaulk Tub and Sinks • Repair Cracked Windowpanes, Burned-Out Light Bulbs, Damaged Plaster, Holes in Walls, Wallpaper, Cracked Tiles • Subtle Scents of Potpourri and Candles can make a home more inviting • Keep an Attractive Set of Towels in each Bathroom • Try to be Out of the Property for Showings, so Prospective Buyers can relax, take their  time to look around and become comfortable in their New Home

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