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  • Joan Yarfitz

On Being A Tourist In My Own Town

The first time I arrived in LA, I was enchanted by its cultural curiosities and neighborhoods,and thus, began my “love affair” with all the hidden magic that is LA.

I reveled in the quirks of its many byways and mixology of random architectural styles: Moorish castles, next to build-it-yourself kit bungalows and Tudor

fantasies–every style thrown together, as if a hurricane had exploded over 1000 years of architecture and recast it into LA’s unique home-grown style.

I’ve watched LA become a major, world-class city filled with fine restaurants; clubs; museums; tourist traps; musical venues; cultural attractions, the fashion industry, trend setting styles, etc., from many different perspectives: as an adult education teacher; to a photo editor and photographer; to a tango and salsa dance enthusiast and dog lover; to a real estate entrepreneur/developer and professional realtor.

I, am, for sure, an enthusiastic “Tourist in My Own Town,” and partake in many of the varied and colorful offerings of LA, which I will share with you from time to time in this blog.

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